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How Good is Your Band?


music-fromHave you ever watched a band and wondered how to they do it? How do so many instruments and personalities come together for one harmonious sound? For the most part, we enjoy the music at face value.

Truth be told, what you see on stage belies the fact that the band members have worked diligently over countless practices, conflicts and compromises with the reward being a ‘tight’ band, or one that plays well together and in sync.

If you consider your sales team and your company is everyone playing their part in harmony with the other equally important players? Here are some ideas we can borrow from bands that we can apply to our professional efforts and the companies we play a part in.

1. Everyone shows up prepared. Each member should have…

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What Kind of Leader Are You?


leader-heroIt’s easy to criticize those in leadership positions. However, we should each consider and acknowledge the fact that each of us are leaders in our own right. You may be leading a sales team, a volunteer group, a sports team or your own children and family. The question is, what kind of leader are you?

Our society is in a leadership vacuum as many prefer to stand along the sidelines and lament the failings of so-called leaders in business, politics or religious circles. The good news is that you can help fill that void of leadership in a unique and powerful way, as a servant leader. Servant leadership requires strength. Weak leaders rely on bullying, shaming, and name-calling. Strong leaders rely on building consensus and seeking to get others to engage in a cause.

Here are a few traits of servant leaders.

1. Listening. Servant leaders have the strength and self-confidence to seek…

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How to Deal with Criticism


I have yet to meet a person who warmly embraces or seeks out criticism, yet each of us must deal with criticism throughout our lives. How can we effectively deal with criticism and leverage it to our advantage?reverse mortgage news

Some of the strongest individuals I know are those who are able to receive criticism. How can each of us better receive and process criticism we receive professionally or personally? Consider these points.

1. Check your self esteem. When we are beaten down and tired our self esteem suffers leaving us vulnerable to responding in a defensive manner. Be mindful of your present state of mind when receiving criticism. When we are feeling good about ourselves we are better prepared to respond in a productive way.

2. No response may be the best response. Not all criticisms warrant a personal response from you. Why?

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Harsh Truths

Harsh Truths for Increased Success

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One of cinema’s most memorable quotes came from the film “A Few Good Men” in which Jack Nicholson’s character retorts “You can’t handle the truth!” In an age where many in society see truth as relative and subjective there are a few truths about life we should embrace for greater happiness and productivity.

1- Life isn’t fair. It seems obvious but our minds often subconsciously trick us asking ‘why is this happening to me?!

2- First steps are always the hardest. Whether it’s a diet, a new marketing plan or parenting making a substantial change requires that first leap of faith…actually just a small step.

3- Good things don’t happen overnight. Think back on any great accomplishment you’ve made. Did it happen instantaneously? No. Great rewards require great commitment and accomplishment and good old hard work.

4- Everyone is not on board. Just because you have a great idea…

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A Little Respect?

Want more respect? 12 ways you can increase respect from others
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reverse mortgage newsThe iconic comedian Rodney Dangerfield said “I don’t get no respect”. Respect. It must be earned with our colleagues, borrowers, friends and family members. Respect must be present to effectively influence others, especially potential reverse mortgage borrowers. Here are a few quick ways you can earn, increase and maintain respect in your relationships. 1. Initiate. Don’t always wait for others to act first. Experiment with being the first to take action or solve the problem yourself. 2. Keep your promises. Politicians have little public respect due to their reputation of making promises they never keep. Only promise that what you can deliver. 3. Stop apologizing. Only apologize with good cause. Make your “I’m sorries” count with others…

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