Get ‘Withness’ with Dr. Stephen Campbell

Interview with Executive Coach Dr. Stephen Campbell

Watch our exclusive interview with Dr. Stephen Campbell- Executive Coach and Trainer of Center.

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Center: Dr. Stephen Campbell



Succeeding in Tough Times: An Interview with Tom O’Donoghue

Tom O’Donoghue shares how he’s consistently closing several loans each month

Our industry is rich with experienced and ethical professionals. Tom O’Donoghue of Reverse Loans Now is just such a person. In Part 1 of our exclusive interview Tom shares exactly how he’s built relationships with area professionals, maintains those relationships, and what every originator should do when the borrower has a CPA.

Declaring Mortgage Independence-Exclusive Interview

mortgage alternatives for older homeowners

Older homeowners have a myriad of mortgage choices. Is a 30-year mortgage really a smart move or should they declare mortgage independence?

In part two of our exclusive interview with New York Financial advisor Robert Intelisano, we cover the risks of a 30-year mortgage refinance for older homeowners and why partnering with other mortgage and financial professionals may the most effective means to reach distressed homeowners.

Reverse Talk: Chris Kargacos

Chris Kargacos is the Executive Vice President of National Sales for Retirement Funding Solutions. Having began as a loan officer in the field he is passionate about equipping and training his sales team to reach their full potential as HECM originators…

An interview with Don Graves

interview with Don Graves

ePath 100K RM leads

Exclusive Interview with Don Graves (part one)

Don Graves has not only built a successful reverse mortgage business in Philadelphia, but he is also perhaps one of the most encouraging and inspiring individuals I have had the pleasure to call a friend in our industry. We will be discussing his approach to marketing, networking with financial pressures, and maintaining perspective as a HECM professional…

Reverse Talk: E6: Erik Richard & John Dingeman

Erik Richard & John Dingemann

We sat down with two of our industry’s best-known appraisal experts Erik Richard & John Dingeman of Class Valuation (formerly associated with LandMark Network) exploring the role of an AMC, how the Collateral Risk Assessment is impacting HECMs, and insight into the appraisal process and mindset.


Chris Bruser

Chris Bruser is one of the nation’s top-producing HECM originators and exemplifies the qualities of passion, optimism, and resilience. We sat down with him to learn how he persists and succeeds in the midst of a challenging marketplace.


ReverseTalk - Jessica Guerin

Meet the woman behind The Reverse Review – a well known news source in our industry. We had a chance to sit down with the publication’s Editor in Chief Jessica Guerin discussing their move to Housing Wire, the process of writing a column, and the importance of digital publishing.