The 10-80-10 Rule

The 10-80-10 Rule

Look around your company, the nonprofit you’re volunteering in, or just about any group and you’ll find the 10-80-10 rule at work.


What Kind of Leader Are You?


leader-heroIt’s easy to criticize those in leadership positions. However, we should each consider and acknowledge the fact that each of us are leaders in our own right. You may be leading a sales team, a volunteer group, a sports team or your own children and family. The question is, what kind of leader are you?

Our society is in a leadership vacuum as many prefer to stand along the sidelines and lament the failings of so-called leaders in business, politics or religious circles. The good news is that you can help fill that void of leadership in a unique and powerful way, as a servant leader. Servant leadership requires strength. Weak leaders rely on bullying, shaming, and name-calling. Strong leaders rely on building consensus and seeking to get others to engage in a cause.

Here are a few traits of servant leaders.

1. Listening. Servant leaders have the strength and self-confidence to seek…

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