The Law of Reciprocity

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The Powerful Yet Unspoken Rule for Human Interaction
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Reciprocity. The unspoken rule that we should repay in kind what another person has done for us. It’s one of our most powerful tools in sales or influencing others. Does it work? Here’s one example. A university professor tested the principle sending Christmas cards to perfect strangers. He was amazed as he received numerous holiday cards from these perfect strangers who never asked how they knew him. They received his card and felt obligated to respond in kind…


The Psychology of Influence by Robert Cialdini  

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What Are You Thankful For?

Gratitude Opens Doors

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What We Can Be Grateful For In The Reverse Mortgage Industry

Now that we’ve eaten our last bites of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie it’s a good time to reflect on gratitude. The essence of yesterday’s holiday. But first I want to personally express our gratitude to you, our loyal viewers and members of Reverse Focus. YOU helped what began as a small idea in 2007 grow into an industry resource and backstop for reverse mortgage professionals. It’s our honor to work with each of you through the good and bad years of reverse mortgage lending.   One person near and dear to me said, “Be grateful for something. Always be grateful”. As simple as it sounds this exhortation made me consider my typical state of mind. Am I mindful of what blessings are in my life or do I focus on what I want or lack? We all know of those who are financially wealthy yet live in their own internal prison of want, lack and constantly feeling impoverished.  It boils down to our own internal compass or attitude. So what are a few things we can be thankful for as reverse mortgage professionals? #1- A mission driven industry. Many can claim their mission in their company’s letterhead, but how many can claim they help seniors enjoy their golden years with less worry, lack and want? Having worked in several industries I can say ours is the most mindful of our mission to help than any other I’ve encountered. #2- Untapped potential

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