Smart Tips for Workplace Communication


reverse mortgage news7 Tips & Tools to Maximize Effective Workplace Communication

  • Clear email expectations and standards
  • Instant messaging (IM) versus email overload
  • Standing meetings
  • When to make a phone call instead of sending an email
  • Creating a company Wiki
  • Off-site lunch meetings

How Good is Your Band?


music-fromHave you ever watched a band and wondered how to they do it? How do so many instruments and personalities come together for one harmonious sound? For the most part, we enjoy the music at face value.

Truth be told, what you see on stage belies the fact that the band members have worked diligently over countless practices, conflicts and compromises with the reward being a ‘tight’ band, or one that plays well together and in sync.

If you consider your sales team and your company is everyone playing their part in harmony with the other equally important players? Here are some ideas we can borrow from bands that we can apply to our professional efforts and the companies we play a part in.

1. Everyone shows up prepared. Each member should have…

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