Sometimes even professionals get it wrong

Even experienced reverse mortgage professionals can find themselves explaining the key features of the HECM incorrectly to homeowners and professionals. What are the commonly misunderstood features?


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Allergies: they’re more than physical

After walking out to my car the find a fresh yellow blanket of pollen, and sneezing so loudly I wondered if nearby drivers could hear me, allergies came to mind. Top of mind.

Allergies are our body’s immune system reacting abnormally to a foreign substance it sees as harmful. We are familiar with common allergies, but what about mental allergies? That is how we react to negative stimuli or situations in our environment.

One effective method is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy patients with severe pollen allergies have minute doses of the offending allergens introduced into their bodies in increasing doses over time until the body produces its own immunity. Applying this method to mental or emotional allergies has its merits as well. If you’re fearful of a specific situation, make it a point to place yourself in that circumstance and practice a new more effective response.

If you find yourself riddled with anxiety, begin to employ healthy methods to reduce and ultimately sooth your troubled mind. Are you continually vexed with rudeness, dishonesty or selfishness? Make it a point to eliminate all contact with toxic individuals whenever possible. Living with allergies is no fun, but doing nothing to treat them is even worse. What mental allergies do you encounter and how do you overcome them?


If it was your first day as a HECM originator

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If you were to start again as a reverse mortgage originator

If I were to go back to originating reverse mortgages today I can tell you exactly what I’d do. First I would get myself a professional website- after all- who wants to do business with someone who cannot be found online? Very few would.

Next, I would hire an SEO expert to get my website ranked on the first page of Google knowing that the vast majority of those searching for services online rarely ever go to page two, or much less page three. Then I would be a joiner! Join my local


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I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind


Dealing with and overcoming the daily grind

reverse mortgage news“I pledge allegiance to the grind, and to the exhaustion for which it stands. One professional, over worked, with burnout and frustration for all.”

A recent blog post entitled “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind” got me thinking. How many are dissatisfied, not because of what they are doing, but because how they are doing it?

You’ve probably heard about the doctor who is burned out after a decade in practice, who just wants to ‘do their own thing’. Can you blame them? Burnout is a result of ‘the grind’. Here are some ways we can step back, reevaluate and regain some semblance of perspective.

1. Start at the beginning. What got you into reverse mortgage lending? Being a business owner, spouse or partner? Think back and remember the ‘why’ when you first began.

Download the video transcript here.