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Business Productivity – What to do when it all goes wrong?



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Reverse Mortgage Business Productivity And Problem Solving With A Positive Perspective

Learned helplessness is our greatest enemy. Watch this week’s video for some practical ways to overcome bad circumstances or frustration.


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  1. Always give good news fast, and bad news faster. Never communicate bad news by email…pick up that phone and swallow that frog!

  2. Shannon,

    Avoiding the hard thing is all too common. Thanks for the sage advice. Have a great weekend.

  3. Have you been spying on me lately 🙂 I think every situation you mentioned was a situation that I faced this past month. The frogs tasted terrible but we got through it. To my surprise my borrwers, for the most part, were more gracious and understanding about the hurdles than I expected. People are generally understanding if they just know the facts. Thanks for the coaching.

    • Terry,

      I know the feeling… Glad you find the information useful and practical. Yes frogs do not taste good but people respect honesty above all else in difficult situations. Thank you for watching us each week.

  4. i am unemployed,,,looking for a broker or lender that pays a good commission or leads with a fair commission and knows what thier doing,,,,,,,,what they get is a young 75 year old with 42 years of sales and training exp. with a very high close ratio, that loves what he does and is ready to start giveing seminars,,
    licensed in idaho,, washington, mnls # 155950

  5. shannon,,,,,your comments,/articles realy hit the nail on the head…..we always have to remind ourselves to take care of the hard ones first, if we dont they get bigger and can grow into something very time consuming.

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