The One Question You Should Always Ask

The 1 question Tom O’Donoghue asks on every single sales appointment

A silver bullet? More like a golden one. Here’s the one question Tom asks on every appointment that you should ask as well…

Succeeding in Tough Times: An Interview with Tom O’Donoghue

Tom O’Donoghue shares how he’s consistently closing several loans each month

Our industry is rich with experienced and ethical professionals. Tom O’Donoghue of Reverse Loans Now is just such a person. In Part 1 of our exclusive interview Tom shares exactly how he’s built relationships with area professionals, maintains those relationships, and what every originator should do when the borrower has a CPA.

ReverseTalk: E7: Joe DeMarkey


Joe is a wealth of knowledge for all things reverse mortgage and has served on NRMLA’s Board of Directors for several years. He is also familiar with how our industry interacts with both lawmakers and policymakers. We had the chance to sit down to discuss…