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10 Ways to Start Your Day


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Starting The Day On A Positive Note

Starting The Day On A Positive Note

There’s a right and wrong way to start your day. Here are 10 ways to get up on the ‘right’ side of the bed.


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  1. Thanks Shannon – that was a great reminder on how to ‘pick myself up’! Love all of your stuff. I work from home and you are my biggest connection to the industry. I would love to be able to come over and have a cup of coffee to chat sometime (if only I didn’t live on the East Coast). Have a great Easter, Paula Manis

    • Paula,

      You are most welcome! We all need a pick up (I do) and it is an honor to connect to fellow colleagues. Drinking a cup of coffee (cheers) and reading “As a Man Thinketh” for inspiration. You’re always welcome here at RF for a cup of joe.

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