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I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind



Dealing with and overcoming the daily grind

reverse mortgage news“I pledge allegiance to the grind, and to the exhaustion for which it stands. One professional, over worked, with burnout and frustration for all.”

A recent blog post entitled “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind” got me thinking. How many are dissatisfied, not because of what they are doing, but because how they are doing it?

You’ve probably heard about the doctor who is burned out after a decade in practice, who just wants to ‘do their own thing’. Can you blame them? Burnout is a result of ‘the grind’. Here are some ways we can step back, reevaluate and regain some semblance of perspective.

1. Start at the beginning. What got you into reverse mortgage lending? Being a business owner, spouse or partner? Think back and remember the ‘why’ when you first began.

Download the video transcript here.


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  1. Shannon,

    Great advise and I mean that sincerely! I hope many listened to what you said, I did and I can tell you this, I don’t follow that routine like I should, but I will focus on it more from this point on!

    I do have other interests I am involved in, which does divert my mind way from being grinded in 100% of my time in the HECM World.

    I have an entertainment production company, I have had it since 1990. We produce concerts around the country featuring the actual real recording artists. Every event we do is in conjunction with raising money for charitable organizations, such as “The Shriners Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, St Jude’s and you name it.

    This helps me a lot and does allow me to divert my mind into other channels.

    Thanks again Shannon for your Friday thoughts and advise!

    John A. Smaldone

    • John. Thank you. It’s great to hear not only that you have outside interests that prevent burnout, but that those endeavors help your community. Keep up the good work!

  2. Shannon:

    I enjoyed todays advise – what makes the advice great – is that # 1 example could have been School Teacher or Fire fighter – the rules are simple yet speak to our core values –


    Bill Krone

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