LinkedIn: The Spam Zone?

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Tips to avoid spammy sales messages & how to effectively and sincerely engage others

Maybe it’s just me, or perhaps not. Have you noticed more come-on sales pitches and so-called ‘personal messages’ and connection requests in LinkedIn? It should come as no surprise. While being an excellent professional network is full of people looking to make a buck- not a bad thing in itself. Today we’ll talk about two things: 1- how to get fewer spammy LinkedIn messages and, 2- how to effectively prospect for sales on the platform…

They’re checking you out

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Potential borrowers are looking you up. Are you ready?

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Let’s talk about social media and blogs. Smart Insights, an online publisher and learning platform that helps maximize their online marketing, shows us the importance of having a consistent social media presence. They found that 82% of baby boomers use Facebook, 60% spend time reading blogs, and more than half will visit your company website when seeing your social media post.

So what does this tell us? First, now is the time to ensure you have a steady stream of relevant and compliant content to post on your social media channels. Always check with your broker or lender first. Many can assist you in providing the content you need. Second- look at your company’s website. Does it list you as one of their current reverse mortgage specialists? Boomers visit company websites to see if the lender behind your post is established, reputable, and professional, Third- consider blogging. Well-written blog articles help establish your credibility and expertise. Your lender or broker may have a blog, and you can also create your own in our turn-key reverse mortgage website creator MyLoanOfficer. Marketing online doesn’t have to be rocket science, it just takes a little know-how and planning.

Now it’s personal!

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get-personalThe power of showing your personal side in business and social media communications

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do on social media it’s to ‘over-share’. However, there is a time and a place to periodically share your personal side with your potential and existing reverse mortgage borrowers…

FREE Online Exposure: How to be an expert on social media

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video-callingHow to be THE expert on social media

When it comes to advertising on social media you must comply with a myriad of compliance issues? But what about opening up the conversation on topics related to retirement, outliving one’s money, or aging in place? This week we share some strateges to get you started…

Are You an Addict?


Are you an addict? That is do you have a digital addiction?tech-addict

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Two LinkedIn Power Tips

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Posting to LinkedIn Groups & Adding Backlinks to Your Profile

reverse mortgage newsLinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network. If you don’t have a profile the question is why. If you do apply these simple yet powerful principles to expand your influence, increase referrals and boost your bottom line.

Today we are going to cover (1) how to backlink your website in Publications and (2) how to post in LinkedIn Groups.

First, let’s talk about back-linking on your profile page. Now let’s clear the confusion of Posts & Publications. Posts are typically content you publish such as articles or videos. Publications typically link to scholarly articles but can be leveraged to provide increase SEO and traffic to your websites or blogs. First login to your LinkedIn account and click on your profile. You should be on your profile page. Next, scroll down until you see the section titled “Publications”. Mouse over this box and you will see a button appear “Add Publication”, click this. Enter an attention-getting title, enter your…

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Using #Hashtags & Trending Stories

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Hashtags can take your social media marketing to new heights

reverse mortgage newsHashtags. They’ve become increasingly popular in social media. Most often we associate hashtags with Twitter but they are now being used across several social media platforms. A hashtag is a word or phrase used to identify a subject preceded by the # (pound) sign…or hash mark. Think of them as a way to make your post search friendly.

Let’s say you are attempting to engage generate interest in the HECM with financial planning professionals. If you are authorized by your lender or broker to use social media you could use the hashtag #money #retirement #reversemortgage for example. Keep in mind that LinkedIn does not currently support hashtags so you should avoid them there. Instead LinkedIn offers up to three keywords on your profile posts. The social media platforms Twitter and Facebook are hashtag friendly and will help increase post engagement.

Should you use hashtags? Consider this. Today…

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How to Use Social Media for Marketing in 2014

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reverse mortgage newsSocial media has come of age. If you’re promoting your reverse mortgage business through traditional methods only, you’re missing out on important connections. Your target audience may not be active on Twitter or Pinterest, true. But their children or other relatives likely are — and in any case, it makes good business sense to have a presence on diverse platforms in order to enhance public awareness of the reverse mortgage field, inform people about the benefits of a HECM, and correct misperceptions.

Here are a few tips to help you generate the publicity your business deserves in 2014, courtesy of this eBook from Publicity Hound, which you are welcome to re-gift. 

  • Press Release 2.0. New media needs to be integral to your public relations efforts. In 2014, a release must include preconfigured sharing tools (such as “Tweet this”, which will automatically Tweet content of the proper length when clicked), short, mobile-friendly headlines, and, ideally, a link to a YouTube video. (YouTube is the platform of choice if something is share-worthy, and is fully compatible on many different platforms and devices.) A photo gallery and integrated social commenting are also de rigueur. Most important of all, however, is a network to distribute your content, so take time to build your social community, both online and off.
  • LinkedIn Company Page. Unlike other social sites where self promotion is often considered bad form, LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for this purpose: Company Pages. One of the advantages of Company Pages is that anyone can subscribe to your updates, even if they’re not connected to you, making it a great vehicle for potential clients, bloggers, and those in complementary fields (such as financial planners or elder law attorneys) to learn about HECMs and get in touch.
  • Blogging By the Numbers. One of the best ways to get people to read your blog or Facebook post is to start it with a number: 7 Ways Your House Can Save You Money, or 5 Steps Smart Seniors Take Every Winter. These “tip sheets” are popular with readers and the media alike. Make sure the information is meaty but short, and share the link widely, depending on which social sites you have the strongest presence. With luck and perseverance, your posts may even go “viral” and spread like virtual wildfire.
  • Promote Real-time Events Online. If you’re planning a year of fun and unusual holiday celebrations (Ho-Hum January), this is a fabulous, ready-made social media item for the entire year. Each time you prepare for a “holiday” gig, post an engaging notice about the upcoming event on all your social outlets: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Even if the people who read it live too far away to participate, they can help network the information — which can lead to new leads and potential business for you.

***Remember: always check with your compliance department before deploying any social media campaign***

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