LinkedIn: The Spam Zone?

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Tips to avoid spammy sales messages & how to effectively and sincerely engage others

Maybe it’s just me, or perhaps not. Have you noticed more come-on sales pitches and so-called ‘personal messages’ and connection requests in LinkedIn? It should come as no surprise. While being an excellent professional network is full of people looking to make a buck- not a bad thing in itself. Today we’ll talk about two things: 1- how to get fewer spammy LinkedIn messages and, 2- how to effectively prospect for sales on the platform…

10 Linkedin Secrets to Grow Your Business

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Maximizing Your Reach with Linkedin

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LinkedIn has become the business person’s online networking platform. This is a welcome change from other social media platforms where cat videos, political rants and personal fakery reign supreme.

Today let’s look at how each of us can expand our business network of influence and grow our business on Linkedin.

1- Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium. It’s worth it. From the ability to send private “in-mail” messages, improved searches and the ability to see all of your profile views.

2- Update your profile. First add your photo. People want to see your face. Also add some pizzaz to your profile description. First start with your title and then list what you do. For example you could be creative and add…

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