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Using #Hashtags & Trending Stories


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Hashtags can take your social media marketing to new heights

reverse mortgage newsHashtags. They’ve become increasingly popular in social media. Most often we associate hashtags with Twitter but they are now being used across several social media platforms. A hashtag is a word or phrase used to identify a subject preceded by the # (pound) sign…or hash mark. Think of them as a way to make your post search friendly.

Let’s say you are attempting to engage generate interest in the HECM with financial planning professionals. If you are authorized by your lender or broker to use social media you could use the hashtag #money #retirement #reversemortgage for example. Keep in mind that LinkedIn does not currently support hashtags so you should avoid them there. Instead LinkedIn offers up to three keywords on your profile posts. The social media platforms Twitter and Facebook are hashtag friendly and will help increase post engagement.

Should you use hashtags? Consider this. Today…

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