Seven Ways to Work Happier


The following is from an earlier publication authored by Amara Rose.

We spend a lot of time focusing on ways to enhance the reverse mortgage experience for mature adults. Just as crucial, however, is the care of the reverse mortgage professional. The more relaxed, healthy, and well-rested you are, the better you’ll be able to listen and the more thorough and specific the service you’ll provide.

Here are seven ways to improve your workplace, mood, and manner:


  1. Order in the workplace! There are people who can pull the precise piece of paper they need from a chaotic jumble on their desk. However, a well-ordered work area makes this exponentially easier. Think about placing your important documents in color-coded file folders, or whatever system suits your personality, available space, and daily needs.
  3. Let there be light. Unless you have full-spectrum lighting, sun exposure through windows is preferable to sitting under fluorescent bulbs, which can weaken eyesight with their rapid, undetected blinking. Another health benefit of natural light is improved sleep, which affects the quality of life — and encourages people to get more exercise because they finally have the energy for it.
  5. Go for the green. While plants improve air quality by breathing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen, they also decrease stress and increase productivity by 12 percent, says a new AARP report. Maybe not a huge enhancement, but where else can you get a daily brain boost for the price of a little watering?
  7. Vary the sitting. It’s a conundrum: sitting for more than four hours a day has been shown to increase the odds of developing cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease — ouch! — yet standing at a raised desk can lead to varicose veins, knee or ankle problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome. What’s a health-oriented reverse mortgage professional to do? The AARP article suggests (no joke) a treadmill: one study found those who walked during the workday lost weight and enjoyed greater productivity after one year.
  9. Of course, you could simply take a tip from one manager who possessed a lot of kinetic energy: he paced his office while talking on the phone, which burned calories, kept him from sitting or standing too much, and dispensed with the need for a treadmill.
  11. Trust your animal instincts. A growing number of office buildings permit pets (and if you own the building, you get to make the rules). Pets help reduce stress, boost morale and collaboration, and raise efficiency.
  13. Go walkabout for lunch. Give the sad-sack lunch-at-your-desk routine a pass and take a walk in the park; eat your meal while watching the birds. Or call a colleague and suggest you try that new sushi place. On the other hand, if you need to work on a closing or other mental task, staying focused at your desk is probably a better idea. Just try not to make a habit of it.
  15. Music to your ears. While the younger generation seems to have earbuds surgically implanted, the AARP story does note that workers listening to music tend to complete tasks quicker and come up with better ideas than their quiet-loving colleagues. If you prefer to save music for after business hours, it still helps reduce stress, so listen to what you enjoy most when you’re unwinding at home, or on the drive there.

Creating New Habits

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Secrets to successfully creating new habits

Habits? Our daily tendency or practices- especially ones that are hard to give up. Truth be told, our lives our shaped by our habits. The habits of what we eat, smoke or don’t smoke, our choice of language, and even our habitual thoughts. One of the best ways we can stop bad habits and create good ones is to track them.

Before you decide to drop or pick up a habit determine three things: what’s my motivation, how often will I do it, and is it achievable?

Motivation. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then the road to failure to create a new habit is paved with the wrong motivations. I firmly believe that we as human beings only change when we want to. If we try to form new habits for the wrong reasons we will fail. Motivations grounded in a deeply-seated desire are more likely to help you succeed versus what we think we ‘should’ do. Motivation pushes you over the hill when your willpower runs out...

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What We Do Quietly Matters

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6 Tips to Increase Personal Happiness

reverse mortgage newsHappiness. It’s that elusive state of mind we strive for in our personal and professional lives. It’s more than having that warm touchy-feely emotion because our level of happiness directly impacts our professional performance and our relationships with family and friends. Our days are built on routine whether we like them or not and as such we should strive to find simple ways to make the most of life and maximize happiness. So what are some of the things that happy people quietly do?

Here are just a few things that happy individuals practice.

1- They are grateful. Gratitude snaps us out of a negative mindset of lack and frustration into one where we ponder what we already have. Gratitude also puts us in a mental state to better see and seize upon opportunity.

2- They avoid drama. A drama-free life is a healthy one. There is…

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