Manifesting Their Purpose as an Elder

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Reverse Mortgages Helping Seniors Maintain Their Vitality

 Ellie Drake, a physician and the founder of suggests older adults “Forget your age, be the sage!” She’s been meeting many women in their 50s, 60s and beyond who tell her they’re about to burst with an idea that is aching to be born through them, and Drake acknowledges the time has never been more ripe: seniors have gained “the experience and life lessons they require for the magnitude of their vision to come through.”

And a reverse mortgage may be precisely the vehicle to support the birth of this later life vision. Our sixties, seventies, even eighties and beyond are no longer a time to “retire and wait to die”; they are years of vibrant possibility.


Reverse Mortgage News
It’s not how old you are, but how you are old, that matters most.

For example: suppose a senior would like to age in place, yet lacks the social support that would make this option viable. One innovative solution might be sharing their home with a student or other young adult who can offer companionship, in addition to fulfilling some basic needs such as assistance with grocery shopping, cleaning or gardening. If the home requires modifications in order for the senior to remain there in safety and comfort, a reverse mortgage can help provide an income stream to enable these changes — as well as allow a companion to live there as a friend who helps enrich the senior’s life, rather than just a paying tenant.

Enrichment can also take the form of work or community contributions that add meaning and purpose to later life. While the majority of older people in good health don’t want to return to the workplace on a full time basis, they are often reluctant to give up the social interaction — and many would also like to put a lifetime of experience and knowledge to good use.

With these thoughts in mind, two avid fishermen put their heads and skills together and approached a sporting goods store manager, suggesting he hire the pair for one full time job, which they shared. The store personnel enjoyed having the elders there — and the fishermen already knew about all the equipment and the best fishing spots. Customers loved them, sales rose, and everyone was happy.

Creativity in all its forms is a key component to successful aging. Charlotte, a self-described “shrinking violet,” confronted her social fears following retirement in her mid-sixties and joined a community theatre. By her early seventies she was acting and singing publicly. Robert, 88, a retired government lawyer, tried his hand at photography and wound up producing an international photo series, traveling from Alaska to Tahiti.

Then there is, a virtual “Dear Abby” for the mature years: more than 600 advisors aged 60-105 offers free online guidance to anyone who writes to them.

Whatever a senior’s aspirations and expectations, a reverse mortgage can serve as an essential resource to help them remain as vital as possible, perhaps enabling them to tap an inner wellspring that has been ripening for decades, awaiting its full-blown expression later in life. As noted in a recent blog post on elder wisdom, it’s not how old you are, but how you are old, that matters most.


Do What?!

7 Not So Secret Tips for Success…
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Reverse Mortgage Business Success
By now most of you are familiar with the new HECM product, first year distribution limits, upfront MIP charges, etc. The question is on a broader level what can you do each day in position yourself and your reverse mortgage business for success in the coming year? Here are just a few things to consider. #1- Know your priorities. You will never be able to do all things. That’s frustrating for you Type A personalities out there but honestly, it’s impossible. To avoid frustration and burn out write out your priorities. For most of us it’s prospecting and outbound calls. Time block each day of the week when you will be making sales calls and PROTECT that time from any other demands. #2- Focus. Multitasking is a sure way to do several things half-good. It’s also a more productive form of procrastination…

Many jeopardized by poor credit for NMLS renewals: Industry Leader Update

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NMLS license renewals may get dicey for reverse originators with challenged credit history

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that mortgage and financial professionals suffered financially with other Americans due to the housing and economic crash. This leaves many qualified reverse originators at risk of not being able to renew their NMLS license Continue reading

Reverse Mortgage Knowledge

In order to become a successful reverse mortgage loan originator you must start with the basics.

Master the basic function of the Reverse Mortgage loan origination process, including filling out the loan application; Understanding basic retirement planning; social security income; senior’s typical needs and goals; and what questions to ask and when to ask them.

In order to be a successful Reverse Mortgage originator you must take the time to master the basics of the reverse mortgage loan origination process.

This includes industry standards in:

  1. Reverse Mortgage Training
  2. Loan Documents
  3. Retirement planning
  4. Seniors needs

Reverse Mortgage Marketing Knowledge

I cant tell you how many times I have seen what may have been a well intentioned reverse mortgage loan originator explain the reverse mortgage loan incorrectly to their potential clients.This is obviously the first building block to your foundation for success. At we will use our years of experience in the reverse mortgage industry to teach you to be the teacher. We have developed time tested systems for the training of reverse mortgage loan originators. Ultimately ensuring you will originate more loans and keep more satisfied clients than ever before. As well we will share with you the tools we use to train strategic alliances so you can build yourself up as the reverse mortgage expert in your area.

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