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7 Not So Secret Tips for Success…
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Reverse Mortgage Business Success
By now most of you are familiar with the new HECM product, first year distribution limits, upfront MIP charges, etc. The question is on a broader level what can you do each day in position yourself and your reverse mortgage business for success in the coming year? Here are just a few things to consider. #1- Know your priorities. You will never be able to do all things. That’s frustrating for you Type A personalities out there but honestly, it’s impossible. To avoid frustration and burn out write out your priorities. For most of us it’s prospecting and outbound calls. Time block each day of the week when you will be making sales calls and PROTECT that time from any other demands. #2- Focus. Multitasking is a sure way to do several things half-good. It’s also a more productive form of procrastination…


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  1. Very timely and excellent comments. Thanks

  2. The message was great but I was a little distracted by the shirt. It was great to see you in front of a screen instead of sitting at your desk with occasional distractions behind your window.

    Have a great weekend!!


  3. My respected friend~

    I always enjoy your timely and ‘on point’ messages.

    I must agree with the ‘cynic’, the shirt was distracting.

  4. Cool comments. But where did you get that sweater?

  5. Good overview. Would like to see a printed transcrpit for occasional review.


  6. The shirt was very cool. I was expecting you to maybe serve communion.

  7. I needed that message today. Thank you very much. I appreciate what you do.

    and I have to say….When I was watching I was thinking I was going to tell you to get rid of that shirt. But others beat me to it.
    (All in good fun!) 🙂

    • Ha ha…no worries. Casual Friday and wild shirt. This week was a Men’s Warehouse casual LOL.

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