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Role Reversal? Are we becoming more like forward lending?


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Reverse Mortgage Lending

Reverse Mortgage LendersIs reverse mortgage lending becoming more like forward lending?
It seems the skills needed now as a reverse originator are becoming similar to those of traditional lending. Do HECMs have more in common with a 30 year fixed than we think?

Watch the video for the full story.


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  1. I’ve spent half my life on the foward traditional mortgage side. Great Western, WAMU, and Wells Fargo to name a few lenders. And with each were similar goals…. Write good loans and in doing so keep the customers goals in mind first and the dollars and referrals will follow.

    I’ve choosen to switch to the reverse side so that I could potentially help more people, never to set them up for a fall after closing. So for those of us who care about our customers, we always qualified them for the financial responsibilities.

    Thanks for listening.
    Bill Schleicher

  2. Hi Shannon:

    Yes, we are looking “more” like forward lending, however how we handle our clients is indeed different! Our business partners would be handled much the same as our traditional mortgage partners, however if you treat an Older American the same way you would as a generation X you will not get the same number of loans.

    While in some ways we are getting closer to the traditional loan officer we indeed need to wear more hats.

    Great question!!

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