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In order to become a successful reverse mortgage loan originator you must start with the basics.

Master the basic function of the Reverse Mortgage loan origination process, including filling out the loan application; Understanding basic retirement planning; social security income; senior’s typical needs and goals; and what questions to ask and when to ask them.

In order to be a successful Reverse Mortgage originator you must take the time to master the basics of the reverse mortgage loan origination process.

This includes industry standards in:

  1. Reverse Mortgage Training
  2. Loan Documents
  3. Retirement planning
  4. Seniors needs

Reverse Mortgage Marketing Knowledge

I cant tell you how many times I have seen what may have been a well intentioned reverse mortgage loan originator explain the reverse mortgage loan incorrectly to their potential clients.This is obviously the first building block to your foundation for success. At we will use our years of experience in the reverse mortgage industry to teach you to be the teacher. We have developed time tested systems for the training of reverse mortgage loan originators. Ultimately ensuring you will originate more loans and keep more satisfied clients than ever before. As well we will share with you the tools we use to train strategic alliances so you can build yourself up as the reverse mortgage expert in your area.

I will see you there,

Eric A. Hiatt


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