Is liquidating an IRA better than a reverse mortgage?

Should clients use home equity to fund retirement?


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Should I plan to liquidate my IRA and get a reverse mortgage?

[NewJersey-com ] One reader asks a local financial columnist if it’s better to liquidate her IRA as her own private reverse mortgage. The implications are stark…

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How to be a retirement lifeguard

How to be a retirement lifeguard (and recruit others)

There are millions of older Americans swimming in the pool of retirement. The question is who’s looking after those retirees showing signs of distress or in danger of drowning financially? The best lifeguards are proactive looking for the slightest hint of any problem that could become a life-threatening situation. It takes a sharp-eyed financial advisor to catch a problem before it becomes a crisis, especially when you have hundreds of clients swimming. Some are in the deep end taking the biggest risks, some are in the shallows and prefer to play it safe, while others are quite comfortable regardless lounging along the sides.

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Even Australians face reverse mortgage reluctance

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Data shows advisers in Australia reluctant to discuss equity release strategies

“New research has found that financial advisers are not considering the government’s Pension Loan Scheme (PLS) when developing strategies for retirees.”

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Huff Post: HECMs Can Save Retirement

One Seasoned Financial Advisor Says HECM Can Save Retirement

Home-equ-unlockedThe reverse mortgage industry continues to push against the headwinds of dwindling loan volume and increased regulation, yet there remains a silver lining: increased acceptance in the financial planning community. Robert Mauterstock is just such an advisor. With 35 years experience as a financial advisor Mauterstock recently penned a column in the Huffington Post outlining both the benefits of the HECM and the reasons behind his change of heart.

If you’ve been putting off reaching out to financial professionals in your city, then procrastinate no longer. Mauterstock did not recommend reverse mortgages until he met with a knowledgeable reverse mortgage professional. “…recently I met with Bob Tranchell, a senior VP at the Federal Savings Bank. He explained to me…

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