Reverse Focus Announces New Web Product

Welcome to the All-New MyLoanOfficer.Us
Purpose-Built for Borrower Education and Lead Generation

Redding, CA, November 9 2018: With over 20 years in the reverse mortgage industry, and 10 years in the digital marketing space, Reverse Focus Inc., is excited to announce the all-new MyLoanOfficer.US website offering. We’ve been engaged in the conversation around reverse mortgage lead gen and digital marketing for many years, and after listening closely to originators nationwide and working with top SEO experts, we’ve developed a turn-key, power-packed website, purpose-built for borrowers and originators alike.

“MyLoanOfficer.US offers borrowers a mobile responsive, intuitive layout, with an easy navigation process, and clear, concise call-to-actions with the ability to easily learn more about the Reverse Mortgage product, and connect directly with Originators through multiple channels.” Says Mike Floth, Reverse Focus’s Director of sales.

Additionally, this new product gives the Originator a sleek online platform to showcase their brand with improved user-experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Eric Hiatt, CEO of Reverse Focus shares, “Originators will benefit from our all-new lead-capture technology which allows a borrower to effortlessly type in their property details, and contact information into a lead funnel system, which then is packaged and sent to Sales Engine CRM for workflow sales automation.”

This dynamic online marketing solution is available for only $79 per month and can be set up in less than a day. Call 1-800-805-9328 to level up your reverse mortgage sales and marketing machine today. Learn more about at:

Reverse Focus delivers cutting-edge, enterprise solutions for the mortgage banking industry. We provide the ultimate end-to-end toolkit, purpose-built for each stage of the loan lifecycle. We’re partners in multi-channel lead generation, relationship management, and growth strategy.

Our mission is to stay close to our industry and never stop innovating. We are building the strongest community of mortgage leaders in the marketplace.


If you would like more information about Reverse Focus’s digital marketing and CRM solutions, please call Mike Floth at 530.242.4144, or email


42 Applications in September?

How Reverse Focus’ Sales Engine Helped Make it Possible
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Generate Reverse Mortgage Leads
Steve Eastman is a successful and well known reverse mortgage originator in Maine working with Security One Lending. Like most anticipating the changes to the HECM Product he made it a priority to reach out to those who may have expressed interest in a reverse mortgage but had not moved forward…yet. Using Sales Engine (CRM) he was able to mine his past leads and generate 42 applications in the month of September.

Smart Planning with HECM60

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Set Yourself Apart as a Reverse Mortgage Planner

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Set Yourself Apart as a Reverse Mortgage Planner

#1 Distribution limits. Your reverse mortgage borrowers with high existing mortgage balances will only be impacted by the lower Principal Limit Factors NOT the Distribution Limit. That’s right. HUD allows for those with mandatory obligations of a mortgage payoff that when combined with closing costs and required set asides to use  up to 100% of the gross principal limit. Here’s an example. Harry Homeowner qualifies for a Gross Principal Limit of $200,000 but has a mortgage payoff of $160,000, a repair set aside of $13,000 and closing costs of $5,000. That’s total mandatory obligations of $158,000 or 89% of the Principal Limit. That’s right, we broke through the 60% first year cap. #2 Cash at closing? Yes, it makes sense for those with access to funds to avoid not only the upfront 2.5% FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium but also younger borrowers who want to reduce the lifetime cost of the loan.