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S1L Creates Funding Longevity Advisory Board


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 17, 2013

Security 1 Lending Creates Funding Longevity Advisory Board

Committed to expanding the traditional HECM market, Security 1 Lending (“S1L”) a Division of Reverse Mortgage Solutions. Inc. (“RMS”) is pleased to sponsor a task force of renowned academicians who will meet at the S1L home office in San Diego, CA. Hosted by President of Retail Lending Torrey Larsen and Director of Business Development Shelley Giordano, the group will explore the best approach to conquer product misconceptions in the financial planning and regulatory communities.

“Security One Lending and RMS believe future growth for the Reverse Industry will be driven in large part, through the utilization of the HECM as a part of one’s overall financial plan. The ability to have this group of “thought leaders” from the financial advisory and research communities provide strategic guidance to S1L’s evolving Financial Advisor model is extremely valuable,” stated Torrey Larsen, President of Retail Lending for RMS. “Our goal is to define the best business development strategy, establish the requisite tools to support our objectives, and to fully execute a unique value proposition that our Originators can effectively utilize in building their respective business networks.”

Reverse Mortgage Solutions
he Advisory Board members bring an array of skills and knowledge to the mission. The members include John Salter, Ph.D., CFP®, Associate Professor of Financial Planning Texas Tech University , Rita Cheng, CFP ®, Ameriprise, Steven A. Sass, Ph.D., Program Director for Financial Security at the Boston College Center for Retirement Research, , , Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., former Director of the Mature Market Institute, and Barry Sacks, Ph.D., J.D., former tax and pension lawyer.

“Security 1 Lending has been on the forefront of business development strategies, and this represents our commitment to not only growing internal volume, but finding ways in which the industry can be positively impacted by sharing our research and findings,” said Ms. Giordano. “This exclusive group of thought leaders will ensure our path is well defined and clear.”

About Security One

Security One Lending is the Retail Lending division of Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. RMS, which is owned by Walter Investment Management Corp., operates a coast-to-coast, origination, servicing and issuing business. For more information on Security One Lending, visit www.s1l.com for more information about RMS, visit www.rmsnav.com.

About Walter Investment Management Corp.

Walter Investment Management Corp. is an asset manager, mortgage servicer and originator focused on finding solutions for consumers and credit owners. Based in Tampa, Fla., the Company has over 6,200 employees and services a diverse loan portfolio. For more information about Walter Investment Management Corp., please visit the Company’s website at www.walterinvestment.com.


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  1. This has the potential of being a great help to industry expansion.

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