It’s not about winning a race

Motorsports enthusiasts know that while their favorite racer may have won a race, they certainly haven’t won that season. What can we learn from racing?

What’s your story?

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What’s your story when you present reverse mortgages?

Your internal beliefs are reflected in how you describe the reverse mortgage to potential borrowers, financial advisors, and other professionals. 

Lessons from Coach Jim Valvano

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What Coach Volvano taught his players applies to our success

reverse mortgage news

The impossible. Much of what we face as reverse mortgage professionals can appear overwhelming. The words of North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano came to mind this week while watching a documentary…

Motivation Slump? Here’s What to Do


5 Keys to Snap Yourself Out of a Slump

Despite your talent, dedication, or drive every one of us can fall into a slump. Perhaps it’s due to burnout, poor health or personal problems. No one is immune. We often think that successful individuals achieve due to their abilities, education, pbear-slumpgood looks or natural talents. Truth be told while these may help, the only thing that will keep us on target is motivation.

Here are some keys to staying motivated and overcoming a productivity slump.

1. Revisit your mission. Ask yourself why you are working as a reverse mortgage professional? What drew you to this particular line of work? What is your end-game? If your motivations are purely monetary you are unlikely to snap out of a funk, especially when your income is down. Larger motivations of helping seniors, solving problems and working with other professionals toward a common goal are more likely to rekindle your internal motivation.

2. Seek support. If you’re married or have a partner it is imperative that they support what you do. This doesn’t mean we have to share …

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Hold Your Head High

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You may be the last hope for this generation of retirees

reverse mortgage newsIt’s no news flash that our industry has underwent severe growing pains in recent years. Many of you have your share of battle scars that serve as an ever-present reminder of relentless product changes, housing market upheavals and previous media attacks against the reverse mortgage and those who sell them.

All things considered one may ask “what’s the upside of being in this business?”  While true it may seem that no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to helping older Americans ensure a more comfortable retirement, yet there is a sliver lining; the need is immense for income solutions and will continue to grow. Why? Fewer retirees are prepared today than in any previous generation before it. Entitlement programs and Social Security are unsustainable though few politicians will actually take the required  course of action required to avert disaster. After all would any politician today dare utter the words of President Frank Underwood in the hit Netflix Series House of Cards? “For too long, we in Washington have…

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Attitude is Everything

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Is the window through which you view the world muddy?

Several years ago I was wrestling to cope with life’s challenges. I was struggling to keep my attitude straight having just begun my career in the financial services industry. Seeking help I came across a book reverse mortgage newsthat changed my life, perspective and outlook. Little did I know I would need these tools a few short years later.

The book “Attitude is Everything” by Jeff Keller provided practical ways in which I could change the filter through which I viewed life; a good thing since I was and remain powerless to control my circumstances. Keller begins with this quote by William James, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”.

As reverse mortgage professionals our attitude, or filter through which we view the world, is more important than ever before in the wake of numerous industry changes, regulator challenges and the financial assessment. How important is one’s attitude and it’s impact on those around them? Extremely. I have witnessed otherwise talented sales teams implode due to…


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