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Are you willing to change?


When is the last time you challenged yourself?

Often we don’t because growth is painful. Think about it for a minute. If you want to build muscle mass you must put strain on specific muscle groups and create micro-tears that will rebuild and increase your mass. If you want to become a better public speaker you may have to screw up on a few occasions and use those teachable moments to improve. 

Many life coaches warn against falling into a velvet rut. A nice comfortable place where we can exist for years on end without knowing we’re stuck. 

Simply put, comfort is the kiss of death to progress and improvement. That which stops growing begins to die. And that which is untested becomes weak. 

So this weekend ask yourself, “Am I stuck in a rut?” “Am I addicted to comfort despite the ultimate cost?” And most importantly, “Am I willing to change and pursue change and growth even if it hurts like hell?” 

Seneca the philosopher said those who have never lived through misfortune are unfortunate. They’ve coasted through life with no opponent and consequently have no clue what they’re capable of.

Will you challenge yourself or stay in the velvet rut? 


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