How to Find an Accountability Partner


When They’re Ticked Off


angry-happy6 keys to win back angry customers

It happens, or as a bumper sticker says… Despite your efforts, systems and organization it will happen- your clients will get ticked off- at you! It’s a mix of disappointment that all your safeguards didn’t prevent the situation in the first place coupled with the stress of dealing with an angry homeowner. How do you mend the relationship?

How can we effectively deal with unhappy, angry or disappointed clients? Here are a few tips:

1. Isolate the issue. What is it specifically that triggered an angry reaction? Was it a lack of communication? Unmet expectations? A misunderstanding of the reverse mortgage? You must first know what the cause is before you jump in to fix it.

2. Lose the ego. It takes a strong person to admit when they…

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What is Conscious Living?


Six Keys to Intentional Living

reverse mortgage newsWhat is conscious living? It is the intentional practice of creating the life we want through a series of decisions. Perhaps a better way to define this mindset is to describe what it isn’t. Choosing a career based on money alone. Choosing a partner based primarily on looks. Buying a home based on the image you want to project or what others have. Today we will reveal several keys to living a conscious life.

Conscious living is truly the process of creating a custom tailor-made lifestyle. Here are some tips to begin creating your conscious life. .

1. Ask yourself what you want. It’s surprising just how many people either don’t know what they want or are afraid to express their wants, needs, and…

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Five Things Your Clients Need from You

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Are You Providing These Five Things?


reverse mortgage newsWhether you’re selling a widget, service or reverse mortgage your clients want and need five things from you, their trusted professional. Are you providing all five?

It’s easy to lose track of our customer service in the rush of trying to attract new borrowers, getting loan conditions cleared and keeping your applicants committed and moving forward with their reverse mortgage. Here are five things each of your clients need from you.

1. Accessibility. If the chances of your prospects or applicants getting ahold of you and receiving a response are similar to a constituent reaching their state senator it’s time to make a change. One way to avoid frustration is to set borrower expectations early. You can do this by…

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