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Five Things Your Clients Need from You


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Are You Providing These Five Things?


reverse mortgage newsWhether you’re selling a widget, service or reverse mortgage your clients want and need five things from you, their trusted professional. Are you providing all five?

It’s easy to lose track of our customer service in the rush of trying to attract new borrowers, getting loan conditions cleared and keeping your applicants committed and moving forward with their reverse mortgage. Here are five things each of your clients need from you.

1. Accessibility. If the chances of your prospects or applicants getting ahold of you and receiving a response are similar to a constituent reaching their state senator it’s time to make a change. One way to avoid frustration is to set borrower expectations early. You can do this by…

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  1. “As you bring up other choices they will most
    likely reject them in favor of a HECM. The important thing is you are reminding them of why they are pursuing this course of action.”

    It is important that the borrower realize that the HECM is their choice even if it is best among poor choices. When they see the HECM as their choice, they are far more likely to close.

    Without going through the decision making process (or at least reviewing it) with them, they will interpret their experience with you as one where you jumped on the HECM solution whether you did or not. So it is important to go through the decision making process with them so that it is clear they made the decision with you not that you told them what to do.

  2. I think JamesVeale’s comments are right on target.

    Sometimes we do have clients who are reluctant to buy into the whole Reverse Mortgage scenario, and I had one where the husband was all for it, and the wife was absolutely against it. The way it was resolved was simply by asking and reviewing with her all possible alternatives.I closed by saying,”If you don’t do this, what do you think will happen in the long run?” That way, it became her decision that she could accept.

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