Do These 5 Things for a Happier 2024

I usually blather on about New Year’s resolutions. That’s okay and we should set some goals for the new year. Why not? But how about something new? A happier state of mind in 2024? Here are five things each of us can do right now for a happier new year. 

First- stop worrying about what other people think about you. Most are engrossed in their world and are not paying much attention. Over-worrying about others’ perception of us is called the ‘Spotlight Effect’ where we imagine people are noticing us more than they really are.

Do you want to be satisfied and avoid unnecessary angst? Then wish for things to be as they turn out to be. Epictetus said, “Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well.”

Focus on what you control. Weigh every situation and circumstance and ask yourself, “is this something I can control?”. If not, then discard it and with it the anxiety that comes with attempting to control the uncontrollable.

Find happiness outside of other’s approval. If we depend on others to feel good about ourselves then we’ve handed them over the reigns to our happiness. Instead, resolve to do your best work, focus on what you can do in a given moment, and remember that more often than not happiness is a state of mind- not a set of circumstances.

Use adversity to practice building the character traits you want to strengthen. For it’s outside our comfort zone that we find growth. Adversity is unavoidable and often reveals our present character strengths and weaknesses so we might as well use adversity as an opportunity to improve, grow stronger, and prepare ourselves for an uncertain future. 

Being our last episode of 2023 I want to wish every one of you a happy, prosperous, and productive 2024. Happy New Year!

Your 2019 Checklist

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Premier Reverse Closings

Welcome to 2019 and the annual American pastime of making new year’s resolutions. Before we set our business goals perhaps we should each first conduct a self-assessment. Here are just a few questions to consider.

Will I diversify my mortgage loan offerings?

Whether you have traditionally been a ‘reverse mortgage only’ originator or have been eying Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, there may be advantages to expand your product offerings.

Have I invested in purchasing/creating leads?

Believe it or not, many reverse mortgage professionals have been incredibly successful using purchased reverse mortgage leads. Truth be told, mortgage leads are a proven means to increase your bottom line but only when paired with the commitment for consistent orders and consistent follow-up.

Should I stay or should I go?

The Clash asked this proverbial question in their epic song. Each year should be the time to reflect on our chosen profession? Are you prepared to forge ahead in what is presently a challenging HECM marketplace? Before you answer that question remember that your fellow originators forged ahead during the housing crash and economic crisis ten short years ago.

Am I leaving money on the table?

This has been a common phrase among salespeople for nearly a century. It harkens back to the era of in-home sales when a salesperson left too quickly walking away from the kitchen table. Are you losing potential loans due to a lack of follow up, cherry-picking which leads to work, or simply forgetting to call the homeowner back? Without a CRM (such as Sales Engine) you are most likely losing sales.

Do my beliefs match my career?

To succeed you must believe in your chosen profession. This is the time for brutal honesty. Do you still believe in the value that reverse mortgages hold for older homeowners? You should as no other loan offers the same unique benefits of no required monthly mortgage payments while retaining ownership. That’s the question you must ask yourself.

Why do I do what I do?

Originating traditional mortgages? How about HECMs? Either way, stop and consider the why. If it’s merely for the money, good luck weathering the storms of any industry. If your motivations go beyond making a buck write that down. The most successful mortgage professionals are mission-driven having a larger motivation for going to the office every day. If you prompted by a desire to help homeowners, you are probably in the right place.

The New Year Resolution Trap & How to Avoid It


5 Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls

reverse mortgage newsI am bracing myself. For what? The fact that my once quiet gym will be crowded with those starting their New Year’s resolutions. The good news is that by February there should be plenty of room and machines to choose from during my early morning workout. All kidding aside, resolutions do hold some value but many fail.

The value of interruption

Sometimes it’s best to avoid January 1st as the start date of our resolution. Why? Once we have made the internal commitment to improve postponing taking action sends the unconscious message that ‘this too can wait.’ Those who have successfully quit smoking have shared that they made a point to throw away half of their last pack. Friends who have committed to losing weight often begin in the middle of the week or the middle of the month. The importance of pairing our decisions with immediate action is key to keeping our internal promises to ourselves.

Looking ahead to 2017 perhaps we should reconsider our approach to New Year resolutions.

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