Productivity Hacks


Little known and overlooked productivity hacks

box-mysteryThere is a lot we were never taught in school. Beyond learning how to cook in high school home economics class most of us were never taught how to be productive. Like most professionals my indoctrination into the tenets of productivity was a self-taught effort fraught with countless mistakes, missteps and the satisfaction of finding a system that works.

More important than the mechanics of productivity and time management are the underlying principles of unleashing our productivity. Here are just a few stranger secrets of productivity to consider.

Going meta. Albert Einstein said, “a problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking in which it was conceived.” Going meta is to go a level above. The term ‘meta’ is gaining popularity in modern culture. Simply put it means to operate one level above. Einstein suggested going meta in the early part of the day.

Avoiding the grey zone. We don’t live in a black and white world. We operate in the reality of the grey, between day and night, love and hate, understanding and confusion, and ultimately being focused and unfocused. In his book, ‘The Power of Full Engagement’, Tony Schwartz defines the grey zone as an unproductive state between where you are not fully focused and also not truly resting. It is unrealistic to expect ourselves to be in the zone during the entire…

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Stopping the Insanity

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Mental Overload & How to Stop the Insanity

Mental sludge. It’s the stuff that gums up our though process leading to a mental vapor lock or worse, the paralysis of being overwhelmed. Quite honestly this is something that I have strove to master for years and even though I’ve won several battles I have realized it’s an ongoing war.

Here are a few tips I have put to use in recent years that have freed up my mental capacity for greater efficiency, productivity and happiness.

1. Restrict decision making: Have your ever come home to say “I don’t want to have to make another decision today”? Perhaps you’re on to something. Every small decision we have to make in our daily routine taps our mental energy reserves needed for major decisions. Some examples are: what should I wear? What am I having for dinner? Am I working out enough? Planning, structure and routine can eliminate these unnecessary daily quandaries…


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Don’t Shy Away

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How to Overcome Objections & Close More Loans

reverse mortgage newsIf there is one trait in many salespeople I’ve seen repeatedly it is the tendency to shy away or avoid objections to the reverse mortgage. I’ve been there myself. Early in my career I carried the silent fear that if I bring up anything negative the prospect will reject the idea of getting a reverse mortgage. I learned the hard way that nothing could be futher from the truth.

Let’s look at why bringing up and overcoming objections is critical to closing and keeping the sale.

#1. Trust. If you do not bring up the fact that the children’s inheritance is directly effected, the disadvantage of moving early in the loan or  how interest is really calculated someone else may or even worse they will find out on their own and ask “why didn’t he mention that?’. Once that happens your trustworthiness is shot and so is the sale.

#2. A true professional. There are salespeople and then there are…

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