Don’t Shy Away

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How to Overcome Objections & Close More Loans

reverse mortgage newsIf there is one trait in many salespeople I’ve seen repeatedly it is the tendency to shy away or avoid objections to the reverse mortgage. I’ve been there myself. Early in my career I carried the silent fear that if I bring up anything negative the prospect will reject the idea of getting a reverse mortgage. I learned the hard way that nothing could be futher from the truth.

Let’s look at why bringing up and overcoming objections is critical to closing and keeping the sale.

#1. Trust. If you do not bring up the fact that the children’s inheritance is directly effected, the disadvantage of moving early in the loan or  how interest is really calculated someone else may or even worse they will find out on their own and ask “why didn’t he mention that?’. Once that happens your trustworthiness is shot and so is the sale.

#2. A true professional. There are salespeople and then there are…

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