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What We Do Quietly Matters


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6 Tips to Increase Personal Happiness

reverse mortgage newsHappiness. It’s that elusive state of mind we strive for in our personal and professional lives. It’s more than having that warm touchy-feely emotion because our level of happiness directly impacts our professional performance and our relationships with family and friends. Our days are built on routine whether we like them or not and as such we should strive to find simple ways to make the most of life and maximize happiness. So what are some of the things that happy people quietly do?

Here are just a few things that happy individuals practice.

1- They are grateful. Gratitude snaps us out of a negative mindset of lack and frustration into one where we ponder what we already have. Gratitude also puts us in a mental state to better see and seize upon opportunity.

2- They avoid drama. A drama-free life is a healthy one. There is…

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  1. These 6 points are perfect or as my generation used to say it “right on”

  2. Nice reminder with some interesting points.

  3. My mother always said, “Ignorance is Bliss.” ha ha.
    Personally, I feel a little negativity and skepticism help keep my Rose Colored Glasses from steaming up.
    Happy Halloween!

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