9 Killer Techniques to Change Your Attitude


When our attitude stinks here are some ways to fix it

It’s been said our attitude is a reflection of the decisions we have made. What new decisions can we make…


As one thinketh, so they are

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Thoughts & circumstances…

For the last ten years a small, well-worn booklet. “As a man Thinketh” has taken residence on my desk. A classic considered one of the seminal works of the self-help movement. Originally published in 1903 by British philosophical writer James Allen, this modest treatise focuses on the power of our thoughts to shape our present circumstance, just as a gardener carefully cultivates and shapes his crop. Beyond forces outside of our control, much of our success relies upon our mental state of mind. Yesterday on HECMWorld.com Norcom’s John Luddy aptly put it this way. “If you’re not happy it’s hard to sell. It’s going to be hard to make your clients happy if you’re not happy.”

With that in mind here are some nuggets of wisdom each of us should ponder, take to heart, and perhaps even better, act upon. Please note that at the time this piece was written the word man was used as a generic reference to humankind…

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2 Minute Perspective Check


Perspective Check

  1. Good times & bad timesreverse mortgage news
  2. Fear and growth
  3. Attitude
  4. Improvise, adapt, and overcome
  5. How clean is your windshield?
  6. Raising your sails
  7. The only constant
  8. Leadership in adversity
  9. Moving foward
  10. Impossible?
  11. Making your way
  12. Buoyancy
  13. Disruption opportunity