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Cleaning Your Window for a Clear Outlook

reverse mortgage newsHave you ever been sitting with a group of friends when that one person comes and joins you and so does their dark cloud? Overly critical, complaining and somewhat helpless they bring down the mood of the group without saying a word. What’s amiss? It’s the window through which they view their world, their attitude.

Each of you watching and myself can fall into the trap of negativity. It’s a world where one dwells on problems, finds fault with others, focuses on lack, or regrets the days gone by. Are those who suffer under a cloud of negativity particularly unique or face challenges the rest of us avoid. Not particularly. Their ‘window’ has simply become smudged over the years and is due for a cleaning. As reverse mortgage professionals our windows can become smudged by…

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  1. This is a refreshingly Existentialist perspective! There are two types of people, those who effect change and those who are just along for the ride.
    we can’t all be Part of the Solution but then again we can’t all be Part of the Problem
    Time to go clean my rose colored glasses and get some more koolaid. ha ha

    • So true. Now the question is grape or cherry flavored (LOL). Thank you for commenting HECMVet.

  2. Shannon,
    How right you are! This was a great piece you presented. As a person who has always been in sales, I can’t tell you how important it is to always have ones glass”1/2 full” and never” 1/2 empty” and to surround yourself with people of the same …..or even brighter spirit.

  3. Optimism is a philosophical view that looks at everything as being optimal. It demands conclusions on which there are insufficient facts. It looks at a glass which is less than full and demands a conclusion which includes the word full. It is adamant no matter what the facts may be. Its adherents despise the word empty.

    Pessimism hates looking at anything and concluding it is full. It demands looking at things in terms of how empty it is.

    Realists try to determine things in the way they are. To a realist something can be full or empty but those are mere estimates not facts. To an optimist a 16 ounce glass with 7.5 ounces of water would be a half full glass of water. To a pessimist it would be a glass that is more than half empty. To a realist, it would be a glass with 7.5 ounces of water.

    The point is, optimists and pessimists are concerned about the water in relation to the glass. The realist is just trying to determine how much water there is. To a realist it would not matter if the water was in an 8 ounce glass or a 128 ounce pitcher, 7.5 ounces of water is just that no matter what the container. Yet the optimist and pessimist would waste hours arguing about how full or empty each container was which in my way of thinking is a total and complete waste of time, thought, energy, and human dignity.

    So to me the eyeglasses of both an optimist and a pessimist are smudged by what it is they WANT to see while the glasses of the realist must be clean to measure the actual substance. Let us tear down philosophical nonsense and see things for what they really are.

    Optimism is the philosophy promoted by those demanding more sales. Pessimism is in part its response.

    Yet all the time, the realist with a positive outlook is trying to determine the actual needs of the senior and applying what he has learned (and is learning) about HECMs to see if a HECM will meet the needs of the senior.

  4. I think one of my favorite sayings “attitudes are more important than facts” applies here. You can never changes the facts, but you can change your attitude towards the facts. If the number of reverse mortgages is 24% lower than last year, does that hurt my business or is it eliminating some of my competition?

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