2021: Improvise, improvise, improvise

[2-minute read]

Describing the skillset needed to succeed in live combat one battle commander quipped “improvise, improvise, improvise”.

Welcome to the final month of 2020; quite frankly, a year most of us would like to forget. However, there is much wisdom to be gleaned from what many have begun to call a ‘dumpster fire of a year’. But alas, all is not lost.

To our everlasting gratitude, HUD and FHA responded quickly and decisively in the early days of the pandemic allowing for desktop no-inspection appraisals, and the submission of electronic HECM endorsement case binders. This was made possible in part by FHA’s Catalyst software- a key component of the agency’s multi-year IT modernization initiative.

Lenders and brokers alike quickly switched to remote selling- first in part, then later exclusively in some cases. IT departments large and small scrambled and successfully deployed the software and infrastructure needed for originators to engage with homeowners without ever having to step inside the door.

2021 will require each of you to continue to up your remote sales game, your internal efficiencies, and marketing. We here at Reverse Focus are committed to equipping you for that challenge. As part of that commitment in two short weeks, we are offering a FREE training webinar5 Ways to Crush Remote Sales in 2021” with Reverse Market Insight’s Jon McCue. If you’re anything like me you’ve been gleaning as many tips as possible on how to successfully work and sell remotely since early spring.

Author and social philosopher Eric Hoffer perhaps put it best when it comes to adaption. “In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Here’s to each of us being ‘learners’ and inheriting the new world that 2021 is certain to bring innovative business professionals.

-Shannon Hicks


8 Tips for 2nd Wave Selling

[3-minute read]

The long-predicted second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is now ramping up across the U.S. Even in my small town of 95,000 we had over 300 infections just this last weekend. Understandably, under these circumstances, the proverbial kitchen table is off-limits, but we can set up a virtual table and prepare for the virtual sales season.

Here are 8 tips to help you get the greatest success from your remote sales:

  1. Once you secure a virtual meeting, email the homeowner the link to join a Zoom meeting you have already scheduled. You may also want to include a link to a short how-to video showing the basics of how to use Zoom.
  2. Don’t wing it. Each of your sales presentations should have a beginning intro, a middle, and an end where you wrap up the session for the next steps. Map out your plan. The benefit of virtual meetings is no one sees what notes you’re reading.
  3. Prepare any reverse mortgage quotes, illustrations, and charts. Keep any materials in a folder on your desktop for easy access. Do not reveal the names of other clientele on your screen otherwise, you will lose their trust as they fear others will see their name as well.
  4. Face the light. Natural lighting is not your friend. Your light source should be coming from in front of you. Close nearby blinds and dim overhead lights when necessary. If you’re using a virtual background, have a blank wall behind you for the best effect.
  5. When possible use a good microphone. Investing in an external mic will give you a fuller and warmer sound and avoid you looking like you forgot to remove Q-tips from your ears if you’re using the latest ear-buds.
  6. You never wanted to be a TV star? Well, you are one now…at least for each homeowner who flips open their laptop to chat with you. Practice looking straight into the camera, the use of hand gestures, and when to share your screen, and when your face should be full-screen.
  7. What is your first sale during your virtual meeting? What’s your second sale? How can you measure attentiveness and trust? These are the issues you will be mindful of before, during, and after each session.
  8. Secure an appointment for a second meeting before you disconnect. Follow up with each prospect using an engaging motion email with a short video message. Loom is your best bet to capture the interest of prospects.