5 Ways to Prepare Seniors for the ‘2nd Wave’

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A second wave of COVID-19 seems imminent. While mortality rates have dropped dramatically seniors may shelter in place again. How can you prepare yourself and your business?

The nation has ‘flattened the curve’ of coronavirus hospitalizations but new cases are on the rise in many states. Yet life is beginning to return to normal with offices, restaurants, and retailers opening their doors months after shuttering their doors. Two forces have altered the gravity of our national economy and the mortgage industry- the media and infectious disease experts. Experts have warned that a second wave of the dreaded virus may arrive in November and possibly linger through the flu season and into the new year.

Being the most vulnerable demographic older Americans are rightly concerned about such forecasts and consequently may choose to return to the relative safety of their homes. Some may find themselves unable to work from home. A recent brief published by the Center for Retirement Research finds that 55 percent of older workers do not have the means to work remotely and many may “face re-entering what they view as unsafe work environments”. A valid concern especially for those whose job entails close contact with customers.

From this we can draw two conclusions:

  1. Older workers may find themselves in a financial crunch unable to safely return to work
  2. Many retired homeowners will avoid face-to-face meetings or office appointments fearing exposure to the coronavirus.

All which means whether a second wave emerges or not now is the time to…

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