Avoiding the Business Grinch

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Seizing the Holiday Season for Business Planning & Growth

reverse mortgage news[CORRECTION]: The Financial Assessment goes into effect March 2nd, 2015, not the 15th as I erroneously mentioned in the video]
It’s the season of winter cheer, eggnog, ridiculously big meals, gifts and unfortunately the business Grinch. The Business Grinch appears every December attempting to steal our productivity, well intentioned plans and goals for the coming year. What are some ways you can prepare to avoid the business grinch? Let’s look at a few ways to better prepare and maximize this season.

1- Projects. Begin by making a master list of the projects you wish to accomplish this year. Break them down into smaller action steps and then

2- Time block your calendar. Time block the days and times you will dedicate to your project actions. Also time block out recurring activities that are the backbone of your business such as outbound lead calls, follow up, professional networking, conferences and more.

3- Reexamine your marketing plan. We should anticipate a rush of new applicants in January and February in anticipation of the Financial Assessment which goes into effect March 15th. The question is what happens after? Here is where you will need to…

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