Lessons Learned on Vacation


reverse mortgage newsAmid fun & relaxation, vacations provide teachable moments
There are teachable moments to be found during our vacations. Here are some of my personal take-aways…

What About the Weekends?

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How we manage our weekends impacts our work week

reverse mortgage newsWeekends. Those two precious days of the week we cherish for rest and relaxation. A few questions come to mind when I ponder weekends. Am I making the best of my time? Are my weekend activities hindering my workweek progress? This week we will examine both and look for insight on how successful individuals spend their weekends.

Am I making the best of my time?

Set the alarm. The temptation to completely detach from being a task-oriented person is strong on the weekend but is it the best approach? If we don’t manage our sleep during the weekend we may simply sleep in on Saturday or Sunday. Getting a few extra hours of sleep is a worthy goal but try instead to set your alarm one hour later for weekend mornings

Are My Activities Hurting the Work Week?

One of the consequences of not wisely using our time on the weekends is that tasks and errands get pushed into our work week robbing our productivity. Try bunching personal errands and tasks for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday. By doing so you will not be tempted to take time off or leave early during the workday to complete these tasks…


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