Lead Provider Invested in New Spokesman

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Affinity Partnerships launches new campaign with Danny Glover

The reverse mortgage made its early public splash with the advent of celebrity spokesmen Robert Wagner, Jerry Orbach, James Garner and the late Senator Fred Thompson to name a few. While some have questioned the effectiveness of celebrity spokespersons one online provider has invested in a new effort to educate consumers with their new spokesman Danny Glover.

ap_backDespite recent product improvements, positive media coverage and increased adoption of the HECM by financial professionals, the reverse mortgage remains largely misunderstood by the general public. Our industry has respectfully pushed back against this perception bias with educational efforts and national advertising. Celebrity spokespersons play a key role in opening public dialog and dispelling common misconceptions about the loan product.

Affinity Partnerships, an Idaho-based technology firm that builds online platforms to educate specific demographic markets is partnering with select HECM lenders featuring a new national television campaign featuring Danny Glover…

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