Tip of the Iceberg: HECM Occupancy Abuses

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HECM abuses when borrower no longer occupies the property pose risk to FHA’s MMI fund

reverse mortgage newsHow quickly are HECM properties sold or called due and payable when the last borrower has died or moved out? More importantly, how many properties with a HECM are sitting on the books for years while the borrower’s heirs or unauthorized tenants remain in the house; in many cases for years?

It’s not often during my show prep that I strike gold, but this week was the exception finding an intriguing and unsettling article by Mike Branson. It details where a significant portion of our HECM losses may be coming from. Mike is the CEO and owner of All Reverse Mortgage. He has over 40 years experience in mortgage banking and also has served as an expert witness for the FBI in mortgage fraud cases. That particular experience plus numerous questions he has fielded has raised some very serious concerns which we will address here today. A very timely topic since the HECM may be facing additional changes this year.