Reverse Talk: Chris Kargacos

Chris Kargacos is the Executive Vice President of National Sales for Retirement Funding Solutions. Having began as a loan officer in the field he is passionate about equipping and training his sales team to reach their full potential as HECM originators…

Reverse Talk: Dan Hultquist

Dan Hultquist interview

Dan Hultquist is well known in the reverse mortgage industry as a leader, author, and analyst of trends in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage marketplace. We had a chance to ask Dan about recent developments in our market…

The Art of the Sale

ReverseTalk: E11: John Luddy

Norcom Mortgage’s John Luddy is a master of the art of selling at the kitchen table. We sat down with John for his advice on branding, active listening, and the art of the sale.

ReverseTalk: E7: Joe DeMarkey


Joe is a wealth of knowledge for all things reverse mortgage and has served on NRMLA’s Board of Directors for several years. He is also familiar with how our industry interacts with both lawmakers and policymakers. We had the chance to sit down to discuss…

Reverse Talk: E6: Erik Richard & John Dingeman

Erik Richard & John Dingemann

We sat down with two of our industry’s best-known appraisal experts Erik Richard & John Dingeman of Class Valuation (formerly associated with LandMark Network) exploring the role of an AMC, how the Collateral Risk Assessment is impacting HECMs, and insight into the appraisal process and mindset.


Chris Bruser

Chris Bruser is one of the nation’s top-producing HECM originators and exemplifies the qualities of passion, optimism, and resilience. We sat down with him to learn how he persists and succeeds in the midst of a challenging marketplace.


ReverseTalk - Jessica Guerin

Meet the woman behind The Reverse Review – a well known news source in our industry. We had a chance to sit down with the publication’s Editor in Chief Jessica Guerin discussing their move to Housing Wire, the process of writing a column, and the importance of digital publishing.


Reverse Talk Episode 3: John Nixon

John Nixon is a true pioneer in reverse mortgage lending and is considered one of the founding fathers of our industry. In the early 2000’s he helped build Seattle Mortgage into the nation’s second largest HECM lender. In this exclusive interview John shares some of the pivotal moments in his career and changes in the HECM lending market.