A stock market downturn can wreck retirees’ savings. How to combat the risk

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A lasting stock market downturn can be a big problem early in your retirement. How to combat that risk

[CNBC | Sarah O’Brien] The major indexes have had a rough week. 

“If there’s a downturn early on, it can derail a whole retirement plan,” said Wade Pfau, a professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services.

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The concept of the reverse mortgage is not merely an American phenomena. China, India, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong all have their own unique reverse mortgage programs to help their older populations age in place. However, one country has a unique and intriguing approach to managing risks to its program.

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited offers the Reverse Mortgage Programme. One of the most interesting options offered is the ability of the homeowner to assign their life…