A Strategic Plan…One Step At A Time

Reverse Mortgage Plan, Reverse Mortgage Management,One of the most common questions I get as a reverse mortgage coach is “how do I formulate a plan”? Yes it can be a big undertaking but it doesn’t have to be so difficult and complicated that you end up not doing a plan at all (you know when something appears just too difficult we end up doing nothing at all because we can’t get started). I like to break a plan down into manageable steps.

For instance, if I was looking at the marketing segment of my plan today, I’d focus on referrals. Why? Very simple- the answer is staring right at you! The big banks have for the most part, left our industry. What does that mean for me? Opportunity, plain and simple. There is a significant opportunity for you to take advantage of this reality. Where are all the reverse mortgage borrowers going to go now that the big banks are no longer offering reverses? Well they may as well come to you!

What are you doing right now, today to ensure that you get a share of this business? Are you utilizing your CRM? There is one activity you better be implementing at once if you are going to attract these customers. Not sure what that is? Look around, it’s right there in front of you, right down the street. Just take that one step, get out there and help some seniors and pick up that is waiting for you….today.

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