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Using Occam’s Razor to Troubleshoot Your Reverse Mortgage Hurdles

Critical thinking is key for HECM professionals to overcome common issues in their business. Occam’s Razor may be just the approach you’ve been looking for…
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Pulling Weeds


Problem solving is like pulling weeds

pulling-weedsHey! We’ve all have something in common…problems. It should come as no surprise yet what some struggle with is the ability to face our problems leaving them unsolved.

Last weekend as I was pulling weeds out of the rock bed in our front yard a thought hit me. Could this have been prevented? Absolutely it could have been. While I actually enjoy the occasional 6-hour workout doing yard work, I didn’t enjoy pulling out my weeds, my problems. I could have prevented this back-breaking task by simply applying a weed repellent every three months; something I had failed to put on my calendar.

Unresolved problems are more than a distraction, they can negatively impact our health, mental focus, and personal relationships. So here are a few things to keep in mind as we face our own flavor of problems.

1. Be brave. Being honest with yourself requires courage. Have the courage to ask, ‘could this have been avoided in the first place’?

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