10 Tips for a Killer Presentation Deck

How to create a killer presentation deck

So you’ve just secured a meeting with a group of realtors, financial professionals, or even older homeowners. Great! So what are you going to show them? Likely it’s a presentation deck, or what we used to call ‘my PowerPoint’.

Before you begin, here are a few guidelines to help you make simple and impactful slides for your audience.

  1. Outline what it is you want to say. What’s the flow of your information? When will you stop for Q&A or audience feedback? Map it out! 
  2. Keep it simple– don’t overcomplicate your message. Hit the most important points. 
  3. Consider using a template to create your deck. Google Slides has a handful of templates you can use. Even better is Canva which with a paid subscription gives you some snazzy eye-catching designs! 
  4. Lead with a headline. Begin with a big bold statement, or even better tell a short story that’s relevant to your topic. 
  5. Don’t make slides with a bunch of bullet points. Most people find these boring and if all the bullets are presented at the same time your audience may be reading instead of listening to you! 
  6. Go for fewer slides and less text. Showing an image that evokes emotion is powerful as your audience will keep looking at the image while you reinforce the message. Think of a strong headline and a powerful visual on the slide, that’s it! 
  7. Get to the meat early on. The longer you go the less attentive an audience becomes. 
  8. Don’t speak TO THE SLIDES but instead SPEAK TO THE AUDIENCE! 9- Don’t wing it. Once your deck is complete practice what you’ll say and how you’ll transition from each point. 
  9. Play of the slide but never ever just read it word for word. 
  10. Know when to not use a deck. If you’re meeting with a professional or homeowner you may not need to use a presentation deck. Instead, consider sitting side-by-side when possible and just having a conversation while you elicit questions.