Don’t Argue: Ask Questions


reverse mortgage newsAsking questions, not arguing, is how to win over opponents
This week I learned an important lesson while trying a new approach…

Winning Hearts & Minds


Give, Take & Win!

reverse mortgage newsChanging someone’s mind is no easy task, but it is in fact your chosen profession if you are a salesperson. That’s our reality. Quite frankly, unless you want to be walked over you are probably trying to change people’s minds every day, friends, a loved one, family members and other salespeople.

“Everyone should think like me!” If we are honest, it’s a thought we often have when we run up against those with opposing views. Thankfully our world is filled with diverse opinions, viewpoints, and preferences. Let’s be honest if we are frustrated when doesn’t agree with our ideas is it because they won’t budge or the fact that we just don’t know how to persuade them? Consider that for a moment.

Here are some points to remember when trying to persuade others in your professional sales career or outside of the office.

1. Don’t correct them. Research has shown that correcting someone often leads to them doubling down on their position or even worse feeling embarrassed and consequently adversarial. Try the feel, felt, found approach that we’ve discussed on previous episodes. Remember, we are emotional beings and do not operate on logic alone.

2. Make it personal. Be sure to…

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