What they’re not telling you

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HECM originators: the silent objection for many older homeowners is using up their home equity

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When you sit down with a potential reverse mortgage borrower, you know they didn’t invite you over for a cup of coffee. Before they clicked on your ad, picked up the phone or sent in a card there was an underlying need or concern that motivated them. The most successful originators don’t dive into how a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage works but instead ask them what they would like to accomplish. A wise approach that cuts through the minutia of the loan and isolates underlying motivations. Despite their intentions, there may be one silent objection they are not sharing- their apprehension in using home equity…


Walking into the Lion’s Den


reverse mortgage newsWinning over those who already oppose the reverse mortgage

There may be times when meeting with the adult children of a potential borrower or with a group of skeptical financial planners feels like walking into a lion’s den.