The Trump Era & The HECM

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Good News for HECM, Not So Much for Housing Programs

budget2President Donald trump embodies the essence of a political wrecking ball in Washington D.C.- a city known to cling tightly to political traditions of governing and supporting long-standing social programs, despite our ballooning deficits.

While the President weathers opposition from both Democrats and Republicans alike, his administration’s draft 2018 budget for the Department of Housing & Urban Development reflects populist sentiments of a smaller, efficient government with parsimonious allocations for social program spending. Many feared the populist agenda would gut essential HUD, programs, and more specifically, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program.

Politico obtained a copy of the Trump administration’s preliminary HUD budget revealing plans to gut $6 billion from several programs including the outright elimination of the Community Development Block Grant, neighborhood initiatives, and a housing program for veterans. Despite these unpopular cuts, the HECM program was spared and even strengthened.

Two changes stand to liberate the HECM – the removal of the annual cap and the erosion of the unchecked powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…

Making Ends Meet: Lifesavers Part 2


Making Ends Meet With Reverse Mortgage Help

Reverse Mortgage To Help Pay DebtReverse mortgages offer one solution to many of today’s pressing financial issues, such as dwindling retirement funds, minimal Social Security checks (next year’s increase is just a drop in the proverbial bucket), necessary home repairs/improvements, and much more.

Grateful reverse mortgage qualifiers eagerly express how a reverse mortgage helped them make ends meet. Here’s one woman’s thank-you letter to her reverse mortgage company (Security One Lending):

“I’m writing to let you know how satisfied we are with our reverse mortgage. You know how I hesitated in the beginning. But you never pushed! You and your colleagues were so supportive. You explained over and over again so that I fully understood the process.

“We were in dire financial stress, running low on money at the end of the month, not able to save any, and you showed us a way out. Thank you so much.

“I will say Kathy (Halliday) is an invaluable assist to your company. She was a lifeline when I needed one. Everyone I met or worked with was so considerate and helpful. My! How you must have gotten tired of my phone calls! But, none of you ever left me hanging.

“Yes! We would recommend a reverse mortgage to all our friends, as long as they choose your company to handle it. It has freed up our lives and given us a better quality of life in our retiring years. Thank you for your direction and guidance.”

Reverse Mortgages Help pay Debt

The Redding Record Searchlight reported how two senior men found reverse mortgage to be the answer for their financial needs. Frank Cheatham, an 80-year-old Redding resident who owns two paid-off duplexes, opted for a reverse mortgage to help his son pay down debt. Since his son would inherit the properties someday, the reverse mortgage made use of a future bequest to solve an immediate need. Cheatham also used some of the reverse mortgage loan for home maintenance.

For 68-year-old Burney resident Rod Armstrong, a reverse mortgage became the means to supplement his Social Security and other retirement income. The retired airline pilot says he and his spouse updated their home’s carpeting, and are planning a few trips as well.

Both Cheatham and Armstrong deposited their reverse mortgage loans into accounts they can draw from as the need arises — a smart move.