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What we can learn from archers

You’ve put together a well-thought-out and detailed plan. You’ve even tested your new approach before the big launch. Whether it’s a marketing plan, a public workshop, or a new business model you’ve done you’re best. But now what?! Should you be fixated, worries, or unconcerned?

The answer may lie with what an archer would do. They’re fixated on the target but not the outcome. They’ve practiced diligently perfecting their form and caring for their bow. Now it’s time to release the arrow. Will a sudden gust of wind push the arrow off its trajectory? Once the arrow’s released it doesn’t matter. An archer cannot concern themselves with such matters.

In the same way, we’ve chosen the best course of action but often forget that our efforts are subject to uncontrollable external forces or events. The philosopher Seneca said, “The wise person considers intention, rather than outcome, in every situation. The beginnings are in our power; the results are judged by fortune”. 

So focus on the process- not the outcome. Practice, perfect, improve, and aim at your objective but know the only thing you control is your effort. Nock that arrow, pull back, and let go of your expectations.  You’ll be hitting the target more often than not once you let go of the results.



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  1. Good Morning Shannon –

    A good one !


    Dave Nute

    • Thank you, Dave. I’m Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Shannon,

    Right on!

    I just finished a book written by Bill Walsh, the famous coach of the San Francisco 49ers, entitled, “The Score Takes Card of Itself”. His advice to his players was, “Take Care of the Execution; The Score Takes Care of Itself”.
    The “Archer” is a perfect analogy.
    Tom Caruthers

    • Tom, thank you. Sage advice from one of the game’s greats!

  3. Quote of the day. You control your efforts. Love it

    • Thank you, Rich!

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