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Escaping the Velvet Rut


How to get out of the Velvet Rut 

We seek comfort, familiarity, and routine. It’s natural. But recognizing when our patterns have become a rut, albeit a comfortable one or even reasonably productive is difficult. Meet the velvet rut.

Getting out is tough but worth it. You’ll likely find greater personal satisfaction, growing confidence, or increased income. Here are tips to get out of your own velvet rut.

Try these 5 strategies:  

Seek an outside perspective.

Identify what opportunities you’re giving up by doing the same thing each day, week, and year.

Remember your professional and personal aspirations you’ve put on the back burner while you’ve been in your comfort zone. Write them down.

  1. Decide what new choices you’ll make to get out of your velvet rut. Is it to put yourself out in the business community by joining your local Chamber of Commerce? Perhaps its to do your very first educational workshop or seminar. Maybe this means connecting with your local media and appearing on local TV or submitting a column about reverse mortgages.
  2. Track your progress and reward yourself.



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