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Webinar Replay: Leveraging AI in your reverse business


Thank you for joining or registering for our exclusive webinar Unlocking the Transformational Power of AI.

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Additional Resources

Contact Byron Torres at Reachality about the AI reverse mortgage website tool.



*Watch Andrew Montesi’s previous online sessions on What the emergence of AI means for your marketing strategy (password to view: REVERSEFOCUS)  or view the PDF slide deck.


*Watch Andrew’s class on Writing with AI (password to view: REVERSEFOCUS) or view the PDF slide deck.



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  1. It’s still happening where a potential borrower says they got a quote from another lender and was told they should go with a fixed rate and they won’t be able to access as much as they thought they would. Only to discover the other lender they were talking to is a broker and trying to get then to go with the fixed rate only because the L/O is the one who will benefit by making more commission. This is so wrong on so many levels. We who work for a direct lender are often missing deals because forward lenders will broker the deal and they make so much money on the back end. They are often more concerned about their commission not what’s best for the borrower. I’ve been a RM L/O for 21 years and this has been happening for the entire time. We all should be on the same playing field and it should be the same across the board.

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