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The Debt We Owe


4 ways to Bless Your Borrowers

Each of us has been given a gift. Our talents, our profession, and life itself. But these gifts come at a cost. A social contract of sorts. When we are blessed we are to bless others. We are indebted to others because our blessings not only come from closing loans, meeting sales targets, or receiving accolades from our peers. It goes beyond the goods or services we provide- such as a reverse mortgage. Our blessings often come from those we serve—older homeowners with a lifetime of experience and wisdom who enrich our lives.


So how can you express your gratitude in your daily business practice? Here are four practical strategies you can implement.


Express your gratitude openly to your applicants especially those who’ve closed a loan. Let them know how much you appreciate that they chose to do business with you! This builds a bridge of appreciation and mutual respect.


Know their needs. It’s difficult to bless others if you don’t know what they need. Active listening, fact-finding, insightful questions, and uncovering their pain points help you bless them with the relief a reverse mortgage may provide them.


Be personal. Not chummy, but personal. Pay attention to important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Remember their preferences and interests. Your attention to detail will set you apart as a professional who cares.


Consistent Communication. Nothing shows care more than consistent contact. Checking in with your past borrowers each year not only may prevent avoidable issues but helps reinforce your bond with your borrower and may lead to referrals.


Blessing others isn’t about trying to earn your sainthood or just a technique to increase your sales. It’s giving back to those who’ve given us not only their business but the richness of knowing them. Take a moment and think about some of your recent customers and ask yourself, “how can I bless them this year?”.


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