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The Circle of Truth


Embracing Constructive Feedback in Reverse Mortgage Professional Development

What does practicing harmony have to do with a reverse mortgage originator’s professional development? First, let me share a quick story.


Last evening our band had a vocal practice. While Bartosh has become known for its tight harmonies here in northern California we know that continual improvement is the name of the game to the finest performance to our audiences. Unfortunately, last night I was a bit hoarse so singing my high 3rds above our lead singer was a bit challenging. We often refer to these vocal practices as the “circle of truth” – a term inspired by the Eagles- because whether with a simple guitar accompaniment or a cappella, there’s nowhere to our flaws- and we don’t hold back in our feedback.


The fact is we all require our own version of a “circle of truth” – a select group of close associates unafraid to speak candidly, guiding us when we veer off course. This principle holds especially true for reverse mortgage professionals – a community of industry peers who can offer honest assessments and expect the same in return.


Nobody likes to be criticized. Naturally, we gravitate toward approval, affirmation, and encouragement. Perhaps this is why humans are prone to personal stagnation. The reality is, irrespective of our expertise, there’s always room for improvement. Even when we excel, critics will always have their opinions to share.


So why not make criticism work in your favor instead of leaving you crestfallen? The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wisely noted, “It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own”. While we shouldn’t hinge our self-worth on the views of strangers or those less acquainted with us, we should welcome it from those who genuinely know us and wish to witness our success.


So, where is your personal “circle of truth”? If it doesn’t yet exist, would you be open to establishing one? Sometimes our harmonies are pitch-perfect, while other times they may fall a bit flat. That’s perfectly fine – seek feedback and rejoin that circle with renewed vigor.


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